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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

I spent around $8 on a salad and it fed me for two lunches and our family of four for one dinner. I couldn't believe it. I asked the hubby what kind of meat he would like (turkey, chicken, steak) on his salad and if he wouldn't mind having salad for dinner one night. He said it'd be great and we didn't need meat, just boiled eggs. So here goes the ingredients: (I put each ingredient in it's own tupperware, so we got to make our custom salad whenever and however we wanted for days!)
1 Head of lettuce- $1
1 can of garbanzo beans - $1
1 can of shredded beats - $1
4 oz of cheddar cheese - $1
6 boiled eggs - $ .60
Broken up Ritz cracker as croutons as needed - $ .40
2 cans of tuna - $1
(I buy everything on sale and stock up which may be why some things are really cheap)
I make my own salad dressing w/ peanut oil, garlic, spices, vinegar - $1
My hubby likes ranch - $1

My kids don't like salad so they got the egg crumbles, cheddar cheese, garbanzo beans and Ritz crackers for dinner and were happy.
It's like the never ending salad! After all of that, I still have enough for lunch tomorrow,then it should be gone!
I wanted to share this b/c I was amazed at how cheap and filling our salad night turned!! And healthy.
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