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Re: How to stop 2 year old from swearing!

DJ's not quite 2 and heard me tell his Daddy to "Shut up!" For a couple of weeks, every time someone looked at him sideways, he'd yell "Suddup!" It broke my heart. I just tried to remain calm, get on his level and look him in the eye, and tell him "That is not a nice thing to say. It hurts Mommy's feelings and makes me sad when you say that." Sometimes he'd get a really sad look on his face and give me a hug (awww...) other times he'd just laugh and say it again. If he kept up with laughing and saying it again, I'd tell him that it's a mean thing to say and people don't want to talk to someone who's being mean so I'm going to go...whatever...and he can come and play with me when he's ready to be sweet again. Usually he'd come to me within a few minutes and tell me he's sorry and give me a hug. It's been several weeks now since he's said it at all...even when he's mad. The other day, we were at Grandma's house and she and I were having a grown-up conversation but he was ready to leave. I could see him starting to get mad and was fully expecting him to scream SHUT UP but instead, he stomped his foot and yelled "Mommy! No more talking...Please! Go NOW...Please!" I wasn't thrilled with the tone but at least he said please...that's some progress isn't it?
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