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Re: Virus/Malware Reports - Please post here

my husband has twice had to remove several viruses from my laptop because of this site.....trojan, some that attempted to add things on reboot each time, rendered my laptop useless for days....

according to him the most recent issue was this:

sysguard and something had rootkit'd nvata.sys

the symptoms we saw were google redirects, but it was hooked in all over the operating system. I'm not really sure what I'd say it was -- definitely not virus, because it wasn't designed to replicate -- something else delivered it -- but definitely either malware or adware. ... unsure what else it was doing

If people are seeing google redirects, this is what is probably doing it
I highly recommend running this tool until it comes back clean (after putting a fresh nvata.sys into place)

more information here

a warning : if nvata.sys is removed without a good one put in place, Windows will almost certainly be stuck in a state where you can't load it, so it's a bit scary

sysguard, I think, is a completely different beast.. unsure what all it does, but I know it's bad....I'm going to say it's malware or adware

He also wanted me to note that a computer professional spend 16 hours on it to get it clean, which is rediculous.
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