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Re: Recipes if you're trying to reduce prepackaged foods

Originally Posted by ashtonsmom View Post
great thread! we have 50 blueberry bushes, 10 raspberry bushes and tons of garden room. i am really trying to get away from prepackaged stuff and even eating more raw. but its very straining on my budget! so slowly it goes! i cannot wait until summer for the garden again! i've already started mapping it out!! i have so many frozen blueberries!! LOL so i have been making alot of smoothies with them. i'll be watching this thread!
I got a gift card for a nursery for Christmas, to buy some bkueberry and raspberry bushes. I know that the nursery will explain lots nut, I'm just curious how much space all your berry bushes take up? About how many cups of berries does 1 bush produce? Anything else you cab share? I'm so excited too!
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