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Re: Yeast Diaper Rash that won't go away? - UPDATE with Pics, is it really yeast??? Help!

Looks like acid burns from the poo. DD would get the same way. The poo also looks like hers did, not quite like it did when it didn't burn her. I did lots of soaks in the tub with baking soda and lukewarm water. Then I'd goop her bottom up good with a mixture of butt paste and lansinoh and A&D. That was the most soothing to her and helped heal. Frequent changes and lots of nakie time. I didn't use any wipes when she was bad, I'd just spray her bottom with warm water and do the soak every 3-4 hours during the day. That helped it within a few days. I've heard of people putting Maalox (plain) on rashes also to help soothe them. We personally didn't have any luck that way. FWIW, DD also got diagnosed with reflux shortly after and also can't tolerate milk. It could be from allergies, extra acid in the digestive system......but to me it honestly looks alot like our acid burns did! Good luck!
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