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We went round and round for months with Thrush with my dd-you can use the monistat from the drug store also on it-the Nystatin takes a long time to help clear it up. I ended up having to boil everything that she came in contact with and also all of my nursing bras. I'm not sure about boiling the diapers but boiling them with vinegar is the only way to kill the yeast. We were not in cloth yet, but that is why we switched-the sposies were doing a number on her. I had to give her yogurt everyday-the type with the live active cultures and I took the acidopolus (sp) tablets. At every diaper change I would put her in the sink and wash her rear with aveeno baby wash and let her air dry for as long as possible, then put the nystatin on with a balmex barrier over it (balmex is easier to wash off) hers actually ended up so bad that she was bleeding even with the nystatin and everything else-if it gets that bad the dr can give you stronger stuff for it. I think it was Bactroban along with the nystatin that finally got rid of it. You can also try the Gentian Violet-most drug stores carry it, but it will turn him purple for a few days. Sorry if I'm rambling-I'm trying to remember everything that we had to do to get rid of it. Good Luck.
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