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Re: Inappropriate place to NIP?

If the place is appropriate for a child to be bottle fed, then it is appropriate to be breastfed...plain and simple. My husband has said that a time or two, but I now realize a lot of it has to do with the people around. Sometimes he gets concerned that people are checking me out...but he is getting more and more comfortable about it and I have just said, look this is his way to be fed and if people have a problem with it they do not have to look plain and simple. I am not infringing on anyone else, I am not walking around with my top up around my neck and I am sure that you were not either.

The stronger I have stayed with this position the stronger Jer has gotten with it as well. I think that he is just scared that someone is going to say something and I will have to open my mouth then as

But seriously if it is appropriate for a bottle fed babe then it is appropriate for your babe to be fed in the same place. Besides if it is cold out in the vehicle and you are running the vehicle while you are nursing you can get in trouble for not havinhg your child in a car happened to a girl friend of mine, fortunately she just got a warning....but the cop was very stern with her.
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