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Re: Virus/Malware Reports - Please post here

Originally Posted by med98 View Post
It's sad that whoever runs Diaperswappers is making us feel like we have to become a Site Supporter to get rid of these ads. That's unacceptable and VERY frustrating.

My hard drive crashed a couple months ago, couldn't retrieve anything, now I am wondering if it was something off this site. My computer is running slowly again and some weird things have been happening. I am curious if it's a virus or malware from this site. Shouldn't my Antivirus software detect it?
You should run a scan on your PC to pick up whatever is there - ensure your AV is updated.

There is no one making you 'feel' that you supposed to buy a subscription - not the case. The members who have chosen to be a site supporter do so by themselves.

In fact if you have been keeping updated on the changes around here you would notice that the amount of reports have decreased and people can have a safe browsing experience here. We have made it a priority to eliminate these problems.

This thread was created to track reports, not people's past experiences or issues. If you have a current virus report, please post it. Anything that is not a report will be deleted so we can keep on top of the people who are currently having issues.
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