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Re: What to call private parts?

Originally Posted by aschrimp
BTW - I also have an issue with using the term vagina, although not with the word specifically, but because it is used to refer to the whole down-there-area. Especially since *most* of the time, little girls aren't talking about their vagina or anything close - it would either be their urethra (hurting when they pee) or labia (if they got hurt playing). The correct medical term for the entire area, btw, is vulva.

BTW- we call ds's privates his "baby bits" when we don't use the medical names. But he's too young to care yet.
Yeah, that. Annoys me when women talk about their vagina, but you know they mean vulva. For example, a radio host was talking about getting the hair "on her vagina" removed by electrolicis. I was thinking, "Wow! She has a hairy vagina?".

Personally, I like va-jay-jay. Can't remember where I heard it first, but it cracks me up.

We call DS's stuff his 'parts' or his 'bits', or we call them by the proper name. My 12 year old stepson nearly has a stroke when we talk about penises and scrotums and anuses (if DS has a rash and DH and I are talking about where it is) so we have all had to start acting like juveniles and calling them his bits (penis and testicles) or his tookey (his bottom and anus).
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