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Re: What about boobs?

Originally Posted by mamallama
'Round here, we call them boobies. Personally, I call them "the girls". By now, they might have to be called "the women" though. They've been through a lot.

Yesterday, DS was nursing and out of the blue he spit out the boobie, looked up at me, pointed at the boob he just spit out and said "Ba-na-na", then resumed nursing. I don't know if it tasted like banana, if he was requesting a banana, or if he'd just been saving that word up for a special occasion and decided that was it.

At our house we called them boobs until DS's 5th word was boob, and I figured that wouldn't be the most appropriate way for him to ask to nurse with others around. So, since then we call them nurse nurses or as he likes to call them 'nurses'. Figured that was a tad more appropriate.
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