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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

Everyone either said "eww" or "you won't do it very long" to CDing.

My grandma and her boyfriend insist on "joking" about how I "don't feed that baby right" because I make most of her food and don't feed her ice cream and candy canes.

I frequently get told that "well we just lay S down and let him cry"..sorry but not my kiddo.

And I get the eye roll about ERF because "S is FF in my car"...well frankly I don't exactly care what S is doing bc his mom needs to DO SOME FRIGGIN RESEARCH!!!

Only my mom and dad know that I don't vax...that is definitely not something I want to have to deal with so I just lie to my family about it if anyone asks.

Not sure all of those are "natural" parenting but I just get a lot of crap about the way I parent regardless of if it's natural or just not mainstream...felt good to get all that off my chest lol

ETA: I'm not sure I really answered your question lol I don't think my family exactly "freaked" about any of this...I just NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT lol
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