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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

Originally Posted by ShayneLeMaster View Post
my family:

co-sleeping , No CIO , a lilt weirded out by cloth diapering , and no one has ever BF in my family so i think that was as weird as they made it kwim?

My IL's:

having kids....and taking care of them , showing them we loved them , spending time with them over freinds/partying ...

im a nut cause I BF according to my MIL cause my son gets "off" on it, and we cant afford forumla.., im killing my kids cause we delay vax ( they get all the vax just not more than one at a time ) , co-sleeping , cloth diapering ( we must not be able to afford diapers while my son is wearing a 25$ diaper and 70$ woolies ) carseats after age two... we are worry warts, gentle discipline means we are sissys and are kids are going to take over the house in a couple years...

so yea lol my IL's suck

That would be tough.
I am really sorry about her nut case comments to you on BFing your son
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