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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

Originally Posted by brennamathis View Post
With DS, everybody was the most freaked out by breastfeeding...then they were more freaked out when he nursed until he was 20 months old. Nobody bats an eye at 20 month DD nursing now.
We got a lot not-so-nice comments about co-sleeping with a family party, my sister asked quite loudly "how do you get to have sex?" to which I equally loudly replied "easy, the couch you're sitting on is great for it" and then we announced our pregnancy with DD...the whole thing kind of shut everybody up after that lol
I'd been CD'ing for a few months by the time DD arrived, but everybody was suprised that we stuck with it with two kids in diapers and a VERY small stash at the time. I was literally washing diapers everyday, and when the rotovirus vax gave her rotovirus, I was washing diapers 2 to 3 times a day...everybody was so sure I would quit after that, but we didn't One of my sisters is going to school for nursing and originally did not approve of the delayed vax schedule we chose for DD...but after showing her the research, she's now a big advocate. Practically every paper she has to write is on the dangers of vaccinations and the benefits of delayed/selective schedules and not vaxing IL's know there is no point in arguing with me so don't even try.

I have had my aunt say something similar to me as well.. basically just saying that if DD didn't sleep in her own bed at night we would never get pregnant again, I told her "You know it doesn't have to be in a bed, or at night right?"
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