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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

We haven't gotten a lot of slack. My parents are pretty supportive, my mom has actually told me she wishes she would have had to info i do when she'd had my sis and i. My Dad is a lil weirded out by my continued bfing, but mom has told him to shut up about it lol
My Nana has something to say about everything, but i just shrug it off b/c of her generation of "doctors are gods mentality"

My MIL and SMIL (husbands Mom and partner) and awesome, and were both very natural parents in their own way - extended bfing, no circ etc)

My other SMIL on the other hand (husbands Dads partner) thinks I"m a nut case for not circing (she lectured me in the hosp for it with ds!) thinks that we drink raw milk is weird, is judgemental that we stopped vaxing (we don't really talk about this one) and can't get over the homeschooling thing (she is a secretary in an elementary school, so always talking about testing etc....) She also makes fun of my son for still nursing and says he's going to be a sissy b/c i don't cut his hair. Mind you none of these things are said with malice, just humour, but still.
BUt, i think she's weird for her shopping addiction and love of chemical cleaners lol

Everyone has their opinions!
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