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Re: tattling - I have a question about this

*tattling* is telling with the intention of getting the "tattled on" in trouble.

ie: (this was today)

Moooommmmmmmm, Evan's touching my plate!

Mooooommmmmmm, Adrien's sitting too close to me!

AHHHHHHHHHH, MOM! Noah put his french fry in MY ketchup!!!!

Can you tell it was a rough dinner here tonight?!?!?!?


MOM! Nathan's putting a penny in the light socket!
MOM! Noah just ran out the front door!
MOM! Aidan put a battery in his mouth!

Telling me something that needs my IMMEDIATE attention is one thing, telling me something so you can get your brother (I have 5 boys right now) in trouble is something entirely different, kwim?
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