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Re: I'm STILL getting VIRUSES from DS????

Originally Posted by ClothDiaperMePlease View Post
in the most recent attack a few weeks ago, being a supporter didn't protect people. Just so you are aware.

I use Firefox, Ad Block PLUS, and no script.
yep, a couple weeks ago i was hit too , even with all of this and mcaffee... on a laptop that was less than 6 weeks old.. needless to say , i was less than thrilled.. I wont be paying for a site supporter anymore ( i'd like to think that being an active , upstanding member of the site for over 3 years would be proof enough that i support DS , ) I saw a site online that said how much DS is "worth" what it generates daily in ad revenue.. that plus how ever many site supporters there are seems like it should/could/would be enough to keep it clean... oh and it was before cotton babies started sponsoring the site
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