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Re: conflict in parenting styles, wwyd? Advise?

Originally Posted by Kelolsen-and-Padawan
I know some women who have put a twin size air mattress in the baby's room and have laid down in there - could you do that to get the baby back to sleep? You get the cuddle time and H gets the sleep time and then you could put the baby back in the crib when she goes back to sleep, or you stay there with her for a bit. I don't cosleep either - I'm the bad sleeper! LOL - so I'm not sure if that suggestion would even work.
This is a good idea! With my older dd she only slept in the crib for a few months and went straight to a full size bed... so there was plenty of room for me to crawl in bed with her as needed. I might invest in a futon or something so that we can all be happy.

Mostly, Dh goes with the flow as far as my parenting style, and usually he even practices these things because he sees how well adjusted the kids are but this is one area where he just will not budge!
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