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Re: Ok...did any of think of NOT using CD once you started?

Originally Posted by Fiveblessings
And I get to my mom because she didn't think I'd last a week!
This was my MIL! She insisted that I'd quit within six weeks and every week when she talked to me, she'd ask if I was still using "them diapers." And then she got a picture from my oh so wonderful SIL (being sarcastic) and it showed my 3 month old in a Little Lambs OS/AIO. Ya'll know how HUGE those are, especially on itty bitty babies. So then the comments would come about how she's not going to roll over, she won't learn to walk, etc.

Then the six weeks passed and I called her on the sixth week anniversary of my start and I said "Gee, oh yeah! It's six weeks! We're still going strong!" She backed off a bit, but still makes bad comments.

I then started sending her pictures of the cutest diapers I had and she actually calls me to tell me how adorable they are!!!

So now I think everyone, to include her, gave up on trying to convince me to go back to sposies. Now I still use them at night as I never did find a system that worked for us (partly cuz I'm too lazy to try so much, let alone plunk MORE money into it). But I'm still in love with my Little Lambs and now I'm getting into fitteds and wool.

But to answer the OP... yes, I've thought of going back to sposies... on the days where I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything, or I don't feel like dealing with the stink in the laundry room, or my baby has leaked through a diaper (very rare, but does happen). But I always stick with the CD's... I just can't turn my back on the money I've put into it, how it makes my baby feel, how cute they look and how it makes me feel.
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