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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

no ones really freaked about anything, but my father thinking ERF is horrible and thinks that i strap him into his car seat too tight.
my father hates that nick and i are vegitarians.
my mom thinks im a little odd but doesnt give me too much crap about anything. when i was trying to BF nick, i was pumping and she all shyly asked me "can i see?" she was amazed, lol. (shes kinda (very) nieve).
people thought the CD was strange, but they dont give me crap about it. my dad will say stuff, but nothing real bad. (he loves to talk... he doesnt really mean anything he says, he just likes to be a pain, lol)

all i have to say is THANK GOD this baby is a girl, b/c i wouldnt be circing this time... NOONE agrees with that.

this isnt natural parenting, but i use family and mama cloth. the only one who knows about it is my mom. she thinks its NASTY but she doesnt really say much.

i guess im lucky, b/c even tho im the weird one, (and i know how they feel about things) they dont really speak strongly against what we do.

OH! to freak everyone out (which i love to do), i tell people that if i can actually produce milk this time, i will give nick pumped milk. haha, they dont get it and think its the grossest thing ever.

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