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Re: conflict in parenting styles, wwyd? Advise?

I told my DH if he didn't like it I hope he enjoyed sleeping by himself because I was going to sleep with my DD in her room.

I do co-sleep and my DH has adjusted to it. I am the one with sleep problems and with the co-sleeping I get the most sleep. My DH after only a couple of nights of my DD sleeping in a cradle on the other side of the room and me becomeing increasingly pissy from lack of sleep gave in. I have very high need children at night. THey are great during the day but at night they nurse every 1 1/2 - 2 hours all night long. I could never sleep if I had to get up, walk down the hall, pick the child up, go sit in a chair, nurse, put child back in bed 30 min. later head back to my room lay down fight to go to sleep, fall aleep 45 min to an hour later and get right back up as soon as I fell asleep.

I say just set a bed up in her room and sleep in there on nights that you want to cuddle. I would never have let my DH tell me flat out no. But that is me and I am the dominate personality in the house. otherwise known as the Alpha.
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