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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

I think not circ'ing freaked my family out a little, but to their credit they never said anything negative about it. My mother also hyperventilated when I told her I was birthing without pain meds, and still doesn't like for me to talk in too much detail about my birth. It really upsets her for some reason, even though it doesn't upset me.

DH's family was definitely freaked out about not circ'ing, too, but haven't said anything about it since the day DS was born. They would also have a fit if they realized we don't follow the standard vaccine schedule, but they don't ask and we don't tell.

I think both sides of the family think we go a little overboard with not wanting our kids to have typical "kid food" (read: processed junk) all the time, but all things considered it's a minor battle. They've been very supportive of breastfeeding, though, even well past the first birthday.
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