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Re: What "natural" parenting choice freaked your family and friends out the most?

I had a natural birth using the Bradley method, you would think that would be applauded but I got so many rude comments about that from people saying that I wouldn't be able to handle it and I'd end up wanting the drugs or what was the point the drugs don't affect the baby (yeah right) etc... No surprise to me they were completely wrong I had the most beautiful memorable birth my daughter came out in just 3 pushes she was so alert and immediately started breastfeeding so it was absolutely worth every second( or rather hour) of labor. Since then there has been the litany of naysayers telling me I'm starving my baby by only breastfeeding and not supplementing with rice cereal or formula, putting her in danger by letting her sleep in our bed, spoiling her by holding her so much, I've even had people get upset that my husband and I don't use baby talk when we talk to her and on and on and on We've just started cloth diapering so we'll see how many negative nancys come out of the woodwork on that one and man I can't wait to hear what everyone will have to say when we start Montessori method homeschooling . There will always be people with negative opinions about anything that isn't the established norm (even though most of these things really should be) but its so refreshing to have found this site and see that there are so many parents out there that are forging their own path in the parenting world and doing a pretty darn great job at it. : )
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