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Re: How to stop 2 year old from swearing!

I like that toilet idea.. I might have to try that one! Generally, we like to give alternate words. It works pretty well. If they say a naughty word, we say "Oh, gosh!! Don't say that! Say skittledeeboo!" or something else silly. Sometimes we'll just say random words like chicken, or quack, or bubble. It makes them giggle and it gets their mind off the word they thought was so neat that they just had to say it! Having a bunch of little boys, I suppose I just figure less than desirable language is part of the territory - so at home, I let a lot slide.. stupid, fart, poopy, shut up... But they don't generally say it out and about. I find that the less of a big deal I make out of it, the less they do it.

Unfortunately, right now we have an issue with KJ saying "frikkin" - he got it from J and I. We need to stop saying it - maybe all three of us should take turns yelling it in the toilet!
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