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Re: conflict in parenting styles, wwyd? Advise?

No, I don't think you're being insensitive. Yes, all of you need your sleep that's true. However, since your husband won't let you co-sleep, what you're doing is a fine compromise to me. If he dosn't like it...frankly I'd tell him to stuff it. Sounds rude and blunt yes....but your child's needs are important. The suggestions of perhaps a mattress on the floor could certainly work.....if it got bad enough, perhaps co-sleep with her on the mattress.

My husband has his sleep issues too....we could co-sleep if we had a bigger bed but since we don't, there's no room for husband, son, and me in our bed sadly. I've taken to getting ds into bed early in the morning, once husband has gotten all or most of his sleep, that way we're not interfering.
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