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HUGE RAVE, found overnight diapers

Mamato5angels makes fitteds. She made me some on trade. They are adorable, soft, and thick. I'd post pics but camera dock thingy isnt working. I have been using 2 fitteds with a PF in between for overnights with my (16 month old night-nursing) heavy wetter. I used hers last night, with a pf between it and the wool since there isnt a diaper that can hold my boy- but this morning (10.5 hours later) the pf was bone dry and the outside of the diaper was also 90% dry there was a barely barely damp spot the size of a nickle! I found night-worthy diapers!!!
The nurses LOVED them too, one was a velour green one and they ran up to the nurses station where they all touched/rubbed it and oooohed and aahhed about what a lucky boy he was to have such a soft and cheery bum
Kim, mom of 5
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