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ISO Flip, MEOS, Sandys, Air Flow, V Smile

ISO for baby
MEOS in colours - liners a plus
Mother-ease Air Flow in M/L or L - solid blue or pink only
Flip in Blossom, Butternut, Twilight, or Clementine if they ever bring it out in that colour (why oh why haven't they?!)
GEN-Y in L, try me on prints

ISO for bigger kids

V Smile games - particularly Mickey, Wiggles, Care Bears, Nemo and other friendly preschool titles - no Bratz, Spongebob, comic book heroes or other rude or violent characters
Strawberry Shortcake clothing or bedding items in cotton - 3 year old with eczema needs cotton, no synthetics - having a hard time finding her favorite character on things she can wear or sleep with.
Nintendo DS games - particularly educational, logic, puzzles... no fighting or shooting

Mother-ease Air Flow, Medium, Pink, EUC
L-L premium prefolds - unprepped, but I can prep if needed
Dylon - Red, Lime, Purple
Dozen or so microfibre inserts - mostly CB OS
M ABC wrap Lavender, converted to snap
M BSWW Andy Pandy print, converted to snap
S (like newborn small) Preston's Pants fleece & PUL pocket, Twilight Blue - NEW
My snap conversion services - I have some BG colour Kam Snaps and others
Crissy ~ Mama to 5 Sproutlets ~ Jack 7.16.01 ~ Mia Bella 10.29.02
Angus 2.24.04 ~ Sydney 10.26.06 ~ cloth bottom cutie Kate 2.15.09

Whidbey Island CDing Families My ISO & IHA

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