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Do I dare say.....

that once my diapers arrive (and I have a lot coming) that I might be set for a while? Let's hope so as my DH looks at me like I'm crazy!

I am waiting for (yikes):a custom set of recycled longies from Sarah (Rileysmama - wait until you see the sweater I found at the thrift!), a Loveybums wool cover, sunflower fitted, a fitted from ebay, 2 fitteds from Blackbird, a fitted loveybum, a Tenderbeginnings AIO (she's a doll and the dipes are great for skinny babes), and a Fuzzi Fannies (we are trying this one again - dh was too skinny or small last time!)

Phew. I got into the fitted way more than what I thought I would. I might part with my remaining Swaddlebees pockets.

I think I will have enough (besides getting some inserts for overnight and sherpa snap-in for my Loveybum wool fleece.)

I think my stash is looking respectable.

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