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Re: Advice for Preterm labour

Oh yes and I will tell you the story with my DS too.

I started PTL at 28wks. I was in the hospital TWICE a week having my labor stopped. I was often there for hours and twice (that I remember) I had to stay for a few days. At 33wks they gave me the shot to beef up his lungs thinking soon they wouldnt beable to stop it. I went gradually from 1cm-4cm between 28wks and 36.5wks. at 36.5wks they said they wouldnt stop me anymore. I didnt have a SINGLE contraction the next 4 weeks. (besides BHs) At 40w4d my water broke and I had him....All that PTL and he went overdue.

With DD...I had NOTHING. At 38wks they induced me(which I WONT be going through that again!) and she still didnt want to come out. After 11hrs of no progression I thought they were going to c-section me...I think they were thinking about it when I said "I NEED TO PUSH" (I had been checked 15 min before and was at a 5 so I went 5-10 in less than 15min!)

Anyways....just rest and flood yoruself with water! ((HUGS))
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