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Re: Quick meals for a single student mom

Well, I don't have any full-blown recipe suggestions (I'll have to think on it), but I do have some suggestions to help you maximize your time and not add $$ by buying convenience foods (which generally aren't healthy)

Bulk cook meats- For example, fry up several pounds of ground beef at a time and then separate them into meal sizes and freeze. Tonight I baked 6 chicken breasts while I was doing stuff around the house (basically no effort just put them in a baking dish with an inch of water and bake until done). Now I will cut them up and freeze them or put them in the fridge to use throughout the week. You can do the same with a big roast. Or better yet use a crock pot to cook them, you just need a tiny bit of liquid and let it cook all day. Totally hands-off

You can also do this with pasta (put in a baggie with a little bit of oil and freeze), rice(freeze plain), beans (cook a BIG batch and freeze with or without liquid)

Then you have the "convenience" of semi-prepared foods and can combine them quickly when you want them. You can cook a lot of these if you are studying at home since most of them are hands-off or low-maintainence (sp)foods.

So, for example with the chicken I cooked tonight I will use it in fettucini alfredo (15 minutes to prepare) for supper tomorrow and chicken/bacon/ranch tortilla wraps sometime this week for lunch.

I can use the ground beef to dress up mac 'n' cheese (I use real cheese, not the powdered stuff), tacos, add to spaghetti sauce, you get the idea

Roast Beef can be shredded and used for roast beef sandwiches, or add BBQ, use a prepared pie crust and some fozen veggies and make beef pot pie.

Hope this helps. If you would like more ideas like that, let me know. I hate spending all my time in the kitchen, but still do most of our cooking from scratch. Most meals I cook take 20-25 minutes or less. But I'm not sure how "healthy" they are
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