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Re: How to stop 2 year old from swearing!

Originally Posted by offlikeapromdress
This is what we did with our 3yr old. She said "stupid", which I know in the grand scheme of things isnt that bad, but we dont allow it and this will still work for you. We told her that was a word that we didnt use and that she needed to put that potty word in the potty. So DH walked her to the potty and told her to say it to the potty, she yelled stupid at the potty and then he told her to flush that word goodbye. She flushed the potty and he told her now she wasnt allowed to use that word anymore that there were other words she could use (and he told her what she could use) and that the word was now on its way to the bad word place via the toilet. It worked and she hasnt said that word again. Of course, now we are working on other People, even in the grocery store or drs. office, dont realize what they say, then we get home and she has a new Good Luck!
I REALLY love that idea!
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