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Re: Quick meals for a single student mom

lets see what is on the top of my head lol

I love to just get boneless, skinless chicken breasts you can get a family pack and freeze them individually in foil or small freezer bags, or you can find them sometimes like at walmart, in large bags of individually frozen chicken breasts. I just salt and pepper them or use any seasoning you like, and put it in the pan of a tablespoon or so of olive oil and as the sides of the chicken start to get white about half way up flip, and this side will take a tad shorter time than the first side, then you're done...usually it's 3-4 minutes you'll quickly learn the timing. it's REALLY EASY! for sides I like to just use frozen or canned veggies and steam them in the microwave, or veggie/rice steamer. It's hard for me to shop for fresh veggies and they always go bad on me, but the thing is frozen and canned are actually better in most cases than fresh because they are ripe at the picking and flash frozen/canned...not picked green and ripen in a truck. And add some rice or something on the side. I do the same with cubed steak, porkchop tenderloins (boneless)...these are the easiest meals for me and dh.

For the left over chicken cut it up into bite sized pieces, stick in a bowl with a wet paper towel over top for a few seconds till warm...then add to a fresh salad!! YUM!

SPAGHETTI! Just brown hamburger meat, get your favorite jar of sauce or marinara, or mix your own seasonings with a can of stewed tomatoes and add tomato paste to thicken, use angel hair pasta, it's so thin and cooks in just a few minutes....for leftovers throw it all in a bowl together stick in fridge, stick in microwave to reheat in less than a minute. Have a small salad on the side.

I like to get the premade meatballs in the freezer section they are so good and you can heat them in the pan for better flavor or for a quick cook just stick them in the microwave sometimes I start them in the mic and finish in the pan for the last few seconds. Eat them plain or add to your previous days extra spaghetti sauce and put them on a bun or just a piece of sliced bread.

um the chicken you said fell apart, was it nice and moist, if so then that's what you want it to do, if it was dry then you just needed some water in your pot or you either took the lid off too much, you should ALWAYS use water in the crockpot and LEAVE the lid on with little to no lifting it.

what you think? any of these good for you?
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