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Kaysie at Wacky Alpacky totally rocks my socks !

so.......I am lovin' the stuff I've been getting from Wacky Alpacky and wanted to share my alpaca love....some of this stuff I don't have pictures yet, but I'm working on it. So I've recently purchased some Paca Legs for Miss Thia, some socks for myself, an ear flat hat and a pair of convertible mittens for hubby, a horse embroidered knit scarf for miss Gracie, and ummmmmmm.....that might be all?

Anyhow, Kaysie sent a most delicious package of goodies for us the other day and it was so exciting! On top of the paca legs for Thia, she sent a pair of alpaca mittens as a gift, a pair of slippers and skirt/top set for miss Gracie, a super cool yo-yo for Sandis, an entire slew of dresses, shirts, tops, and even a couple WAHM pinafores wsith matching diaper covers for Thia, a TON of roving for some collaborated handspun goodness (Wacky Alpacky & Spindle Spun) and even managed to fit in a pair of leg warmers.........for me

so here I am walkin' around all 80's style in pants that aren't quite pink and aren't quite purple....with my new leg warmers and paca socks

a better look at my legwarmer sock madness

Thia rompin' around in her paca legs wearin' a shirt which miss Kaysie sent as a gift

and finally miss Thia in a cute little sundress and hand knit sweater which came as a gift from Kaysie

Honestly, I'm trying to decide if this is a big fat rave for Wacky Alpacky or a big fat thank you to Kaysie for all the excellent goodies so I guess I'll just have it be both
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