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Re: Using Menstrual Cups for TTC

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
I need details on this... I researched the Diva Cup and some of the reviews on Amazon scared me... is it really that tough to use and get used to? do you insert it right after DTD while you are lying down or do you get u and go to the bathroom to do it? I think all romance will be killed forever if I try to put this sucker in after sex and fumble around out in the open... I'll need to get to the bathroom, but then doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Thanks for help/tips!!!!
Really it's not that bad . It was easy to insert after you figured out how to do it. And it's easier to insert after DTD. I usually do it right after in bed so we can cuddle without worrying about losing it when running to the bathroom
I would get the Instead Cups. I used the Diva Cup for couple of cycles and I still don't have a bump.

As far as the Preseed. Yes, it's sperm friendly. It doesn't kill the swimmers and it lets them through while the other lubricants act like a barrier and make it too hard for them. Not sure if you read it yet but here is more info on EPT-website:
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