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Thinking about changing dr/midwife

So I didn't post about my last appt - last Monday, mostly because I've been upset about it all week and didn't want to 'rehash' the feelings again. It wasn't a horrible visit but it wasn't great either. The midwife called me back after to follow up on a question I had about a possible level 2 u/s because of medication I was on when we conceived little bean. I decided that I'd tell her of my disappointment with how the appt went and she was very defensive and I was so taken back. At the end of the phone call she asked me if I was planning to continue care with the practice b/c she didn't want to go anyone to go through any unnecessary scheduling/planning (b/c a level 2 u/s was suggested when she checked with the specialist). I responded back as what did I say that would make her ask such question. She said she was just asking the question and wanted a yes/no answer. I was so shocked and upset but didn't want to say no I'm not going to stick with her/practice because I would've been reacting rather than thinking it through....etc. Anyways, it wasn't a good thing.

So I talked it through with DH and decided that I would continue my next visit there (they have 3 or 4 midwifes and they work on call for births) and just be hyper critical about how I was treated and felt the appt went(it's with a different midwife) Besides, the level 2 ultrasound is being set up as a referral and I don't want to interfere with that b/c I really do want to have a level 2 to ease some concerns and feel more comfortable about the baby's condition. Well, since it's a referral she said that the place should call me within the week and if I hadn't heard from them that I should call her. Well, it's been a week, so I called the office today. The receptionist said that she would take the message but they won't be able to get back to me today b/c they the nurses are shortstaffed today. I asked if the midwife I saw last week was in the office today and she said yes and then asked if it was urgent, and I said that I was told by her to contact her if I hadn't heard back in 1week and that I didn't think she would've said that if it wasn't important. She said that she'll leave the message with a nurse.

So now, I'm feeling even more frustrated and upset about the whole situation and think that I should just find another midwife. The biggest thing that frustrates me is that this is the only practice that is fesible to where we live that offers hopsital water births- and the really only reason I choosed to go to this practice. So if I leave and find another midwife, I can't have a water birth- We can't have one at our place (it's a long personal story I'd rather not discuss why)

Have any of you switched dr/midwife during the pregnancy to find someone you felt more comfortable with? How did your insurance handle the whole billing? I did actually switch OBs w/my DD pregnancy but our insurance had changed at the time so it wasn't a billing problem for us.
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