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Re: What to call private parts?

Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife
we call them penis and vagina and vulva... though ds says "peanuts" and it always cracks me up
dd#2 used to say bulba which has evolved to bulb. She is fascinated by her "bulb" lol The other day she also decided that she is a boy, because she has a boy penis. She came in to my room and said, mama i have a boy penis. i said no you don't. she said yes i do, it's a little one, see? and proceded to show me her "boy penis" she is now delighted to tell eveyrone she has a little boy penis growing in her "pagina"

To the person who commented on the wohle naked neighbor thing...when my kids were figuring out the whole boy/girl thing, they used to walk up to atrangers at the campground pool and say, you're a boy so you have a penis right? and your mom has a vagina cuz she's a about a traveling anatomy lesson
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