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Re: Not losing weight while breastfeeding

I just wrote this post on another board!!!!!

I am experiencing, kinda, what mamx3 has! I did not BF my first DS and the weight fell off! I lost b/w 1-3 pounds every week until I was down to my pre preg weight!! With this new DS's TOTALLY different! For one, I"m BF this time...and I lost 15 pounds after the baby was the forst 2 weeks! BUT since then I have been STUCK! I am at 160 and my weight will not budge at all!!!
I am glad to know that I am not the only one!
I am feeling very frustrated about my weight tho....I HATE it that I'm still in my maternity clothes...I just feel SO bad about myself to the pt where I'm almost about to stop BF so that I can loose weight again..... How selfish is that?!

I feel for ya!
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