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Re: Is this early labor or false labor???

So I guess I might be on the way, but the road could stil be a long one....

Well let's see I have had no sex in the last few days no mucus plug loss, no vaginal exams and the pain radiates through my back, abdomen and down my left leg. Nesting is a hard one for me cause I feel as though I am always running around like a crazy person doing things. Last week I was 1cm and 75%effaced.

I go to the Dr. tomorrow so I guess at that point she will be able to tell me if I am going anywhere. The contractions most def. do not not get better if I move, I just have to breath through them.

I am just waiting patiently, but wish it was painlessly The only relief I get is lying in the bath. I sent DH to work and said to make sure to check his phone. Luckily I live about a mile and half away from the hospital so I don't plan on going until as last minute as possible. Me and DD will probably just watch movies and take a bath tonight.

I will update if I am still here!!
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