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Re: Tummy Sleeper with Angelcare Monitor?

I used the angel care monitor for dd and now for ds. DS is almost 5 months old now and will NOT sleep on his back. His first response when laid down on his back (which is how I lay him down per recommendations) is to immediately roll over onto his tummy and sleep face down (eek). Even when I roll him over onto his back, in his sleep he rolls back onto his tummy.

This monitor gives me the peace of mind and lets me know that he's breathing. I still check on him periodically and make sure he's alright and still follow all other sids prevention recommendations (no bumper, nothing else in crib, fan on in room, etc) but it gives me tremendous peace of mind. It doesn't prevent sids, but if there is a problem I would be alerted to it almost instantly. And there's nothing better than waking up at night, listening for that reassuring steady ticking and going right back to sleep.

Before dd had this monitor I did NOT sleep and was a nervous wreck. She stopped breathing three times in 10 minutes once as a newborn and I was way too paranoid after that. I didn't start sleeping until after we got this monitor.
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