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Re: anyone have an eddie bauer 3-in-1 car seat?

The main complaint we have a technicians is that the seats like the eddie bauer and the alpha omega claim to be the only seat you will ever need, yet the harness heights are so short that most kids outgrow them by the time they are 2-3 years old and in no way mature enough to use it as a booster. In booster mode it doesn't work well. The way the seat is designed, it hold the seat belt too far off of a child's body, and not snug against them as it should. Most people that are aware they shouldn't put a 2-3 yo in a booster yet, have to go out and buy another seat that harnesses them to a higher height (usually $80-100) more and when added to the original price of the 3 in1 seat, it would have been cheaper to buy a britax to start with. That is the complaint. My 2.5 yo daughter outgrew her alpha omega at 27lbs. I had to buy her another seat to get her to 40lbs, when it was safer for her to be in a booster and she was old enough to sit in one by then. I wish I had just gotten her a britax to start with. My son has had a marathon since he outgrew his infant seat and I can't see him outgrowing it until he is able to use a booster properly. Keep in mind the top slot on the shell is for booster mode only, it can not be used when the harness is being used. So, the seat looks like it has more growing room then it really does because in forward facing seats the shoulders can not exceed the top slot allowed for the harness.
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