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Re: Hospital rant...again!

Given your story, I have to disagree with the midwife. If you walk in there and tell them that you were never in pain for your last labor, and the doc had to rush in to catch the baby just in time, therefore you must insist that they give you a room and check you out NOW before you have the baby right there in the waiting room and have possible grounds for a lawsuit... I would be very surprised if they'd mess around.

When your NM does your exam, if you are showing signs of readiness, maybe you could ask her what she can do to help you feel better about this hospital. Ask her if she can pull any strings to get you in to the tour right away. Ask her the questions that the hospital wouldn't answer. And, if she thinks you can hold out long enough for a home birth, then go for it!!

Good luck -- I sure wish I were showing any signs of readiness. 37 weeks, and everything's closed up tight as a cork in a bottle. Sigh...
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