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Re: Would I be a bad parent if....

LOL No! I actually have a video of my DD when she had just learned how to crawl and sit up, eating a snack WITH my dog, while the dog ate. The both of them together chowing down. It was hilarious, yuck, yes, but still hilarious. And it isn't as if she was going to be poisoned by the kibble piece she was trying to gum to death.

But the q-tips... lol. Just the other night as I was tucking my DS into bed, DD was in the bathroom going potty and I also told her to brush her teeth before I went to tuck her in as well. I hear her give this disgusted gasp and then I hear "Moooom!? I think Elliott put q-tips in my toothpaste!!" I thought no way, but funny none the less, and asked Elliott, "Did you shove q-tips in Delta's toothpaste?" He goes, "Uh-huuuuh" and gives me this exaggerated nod. DD refused to use it (I figured it was just empty and she couldn't get more out) so I told her to go use the tube from my room.

The next night we're going about our nighttime routine, and this time I'm in the bathroom with her as she goes to brush her teeth. Ew, the tube is super goopy and I take a peek. No lie, there was at least 5 or 6 q-tips shoved down in there clogging the darn thing up! ROFL!!! He sure did shove them in there. And I couldn't be mad, because he told the truth!
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