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Re: How impt is it for both kids to attend same daycare? UPDATE in Orig post!

Originally Posted by sticka182 View Post
I'm really contimplating sending the children to 2 different places. DS is and active 3.5 yo and really needs a pre-school enviroment. DD is 15 mo and I'm really having trouble with the thought that they won't be together all day. Me & DH both work outside the home, so I feel like at least they have eachother. If I do this, they won't have that.

I really need advice, I wish finances weren't a problem, but with daycare being so high around here, it is a factor. Local daycare centers range from 517.00/ week to 781.00 per week, so it would be a stretch. I hate to post the prices below, but unfortunately it is a factor with DH's hrs cut down.

Our contract with current in home daycare ends 4/1, and prices are going up to $450/week, so I feel now is the time to make the switch.

Would you:

A. Leave them both in this home daycare together (450./wk)

B. Send him to full time pre-school and leave her where she is (460./wk) (opposite directions in the car for pick-up/drop off)

C. Send them both to the center even though I don't know how we'd stretch it (517./wk) and they don't use cloth diapers

D. Send him part time to PreSchool and Keep Her where she is ($491.wk)(opposite directions in the car for pick-up/drop off)

There are no good options here... but thanks in advance for the advice.

....and DH just called. He just got laid off! I guess this is a non-issue & DS will go to part day pre-school with daddy! Not the best senario, but at least they will be home now.
So sorry to hear about your DH getting laid off!!! ughhh.

on the daycare, i honestly lOVE having my boys at the same place, yes they are in different classes but it makes things so much easier in the morning. Getting out with only 2 plus myself is hard enough for me (other people do better lol). I wanted DS2 in a home care to begin with but he has done really well in the center
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