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Re: WWYD? Second child

Why don't you and DH set a deadline of when you will discuss it again? It is not abnormal to be hesistant about having a second. The fact that you all have a nanny this time around can really make a huge difference though. Also, don't forget that you are seasoned parents and bring a lot of skills to the table that you did not have when your first was born. It might be helpful to really hash out all the details, where will they sleep, how will you pay for additional childcare, who will take over what additional duties, etc. Maybe just getting into the nitty gritty will shed some light on what decision you should make. Give yourself a break and don't let stress get you overwhelmed about making this decision. You don't HAVE to decide right now. Just because you thought you would have two kids close together does not mean that things have to be done according to the original plan.
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