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Re: How impt is it for both kids to attend same daycare? UPDATE in Orig post!

We live in Tucson Arizona, daycare per child at a center that does cloth diapering is $475/per child! A center that doesnt is about $425/per child! I quit working about 5 years ago when my 9 year old started kindergarten and my now 5 1/2 year old was 6 months. The 3 months I had DD in daycare it was close to $1000 a month and they wouldnt use cloth and they didnt hold her for feedings. We did a budget and realized that between daycare and gas it wasnt even cost effective for me to be working. So I quit and now I do online school. Just got my bachelors thru NAU now working on a masters thru ASU. We cut out just a few things and find we actually have more money than we did beofre.
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