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Re: WWYD? Second child

We had always said we wanted our two close together but that was before we found out how expensive one is, never mind how much work is involved. We decided pretty early on that it was going to be a long time, if at all before we had another. We finally felt ready last year, dd was 5, I was 31 and it seemed like it was now or never. She will be 6.5 when her brother comes in May.

The biggest expense of having them this far apart has been that we had to buy all over again as we sold most of our stuff when we moved overseas. I had planned to stop working full-time once dd hit 1st grade anyway so now I will be home for her and with the baby, and we only had to pay for daycare once. Not to mention we will have more space between college bills for the two of them.

It's daunting going into baby world again after so long but I feel like I know so much more having gone through all of it once, as well as having helped several friends along the way. My dd is also going to be so much more help now than she would have been at 2 or 3.

Don't feel like a small gap is your only option. You can wait awhile and still have options.
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