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Re: Preparing to Avoid Vaxes and Other Procedures

We had both a birth plan that we wrote on file, plus the hospital had their own "birth plan" paper that you checked off/filled out. Yeah. Everything was ignored. My only advice is to have the birth plan in triplicate copies, one left at home so one doesn't get lost (we didn't do this and really should have because all copies of ours at the hospital, including their copy, were "lost"). Also, have somebody awake and with your baby the entire time. Don't let them touch your baby without you there and demand to know what they are doing every.single.time.
Our little one was promptly rushed to the nursery the moment hubby and I fell asleep, then given eye drops, Vit K, and a Hep B vaccination. We found out when the nurse brought the paper work to us the next morning to sign off on...when I said "ummm...we weren't doing these, it says so on our birth plan" She replied with "oooooops. We already did it...everybody does it, it won't hurt her, don't worry. But I still need you to sign the papers" I signed them and wrote in capital letters in very dark ink -We did NOT APPROVE these procedures before they were admninstered to our child and will be seeking legal action" Hospital got huffy and multiple lawyers turned down the case because "no harm" was done to our child from "standard procedures". True, she didn't get "hurt" and is fine...but our specific wishes for OUR child were ignored because of what everybody else does.
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