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Re: How impt is it for both kids to attend same daycare? UPDATE in Orig post!

I'm from the suburbs outside Boston, MA. Not the $$ suburbs, but the burbs of the burbs if you will. It is sooo much more$$ in boston.

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. That was an update I REALLY wasn't expecting. 3-4 mo ago, we were worried, he survived 6 rounds of layoff's. I thought we were in the clear now with new the company doing better financially, but I think too much damage was done. We'll be ok, this is a blessing in disquise for him to have time with the children. Our DS can now go to a 9-11:30 preschool 3 days per week to give DH a little break. I think financilly we'll be fine this way, Just a test of DH who is a business man going to Mr Mom!
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