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Re: where to start... assessing my child's intelligence?

I agree with the homeschooling idea. There are a million different ways to do it and it sounds like it could be the personalized learning environment you need!

DSS is smart, too. His teacher suggested having him skip a grade - but biomom said no. Shortly after that, they took some tests in school there was a k-2 one and a 3rd -5th grade one - DSS is in 2nd grade - but his teacher had him take the 3-5 test. He score higher than any of the 5th graders! so yeah, skipping one grade wouldn't have helped at all! I really think homeschooling is the way to go with kids like this. (fwiw, DSS is Constantly getting in trouble at school. Constantly. But you can't really blame him - he's so bored! and the teacher tries, but what more can she do? She has a whole classroom of kids to teach! oh, and DSS knows JUST how smart he is and likes to point it out. Probably should work on that learning-to-be-humble-and-gracious thing, huh? )
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