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Re: where to start... assessing my child's intelligence?

I probably won't have a popular opinion, but IMO IQ really doesn't matter.

For one, IQ tests have been designed only to tell when kids need assistance, not to separate the super smart from the mediocre smart. So, the results don't really mean anything except that your ds doesn't need special ed, because that's what it was designed for. It's like, you can't take a strep throat test and test for AIDS, KWIM? It's testing for something different.

My ds has had several IQ tests. He has autism and the state needs to know that he is of at least average intelligence. He has scored in the genius range every time. The last one he took, he scored so high they finished the book. They never finish the book. He scored higher than they could score. But, that doesn't mean that he does not have significant developmental delays that impair him in a school setting. He just knows all the answers on the IQ test.

His tests were done by a Pediatric Developmentalist and Child Psychologist between the ages of 2 and 4. Usually schools pull out the IQ tests for school age kids, so for a typically developing child of such a young age you are going to be hard pressed to have someone do one for you just because.

IMO, the school they go to has little effect on who they are as adults, or how successful they are. My dh went to mediocre public schools up until college, and is very successful. What really matters, IMO is that you teach them to be good people, to LOVE learning their whole life (and pursue it), and to be determined to reach their goals.
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