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Re: where to start... assessing my child's intelligence?

Your DS sounds like my first. Reading by age 2 1/2, started speaking in sentences and enunciating around 16-18 months. Has trouble with social skills. He's now almost 15. Straight "A" student, top of all his classes (I actually feel like he's been held back).

Around the 4th grade I started to wonder and started looking into some things. My SIL pointed me to a website that described my child to the "T". We had to get an evaluation in order to get some neurological things looked into and he came back as being on the Autistic Spectrum. It's called Asperger's Syndrome. I really HATE labels and we look at it more as his way of learning and interacting with people. It's not a disability, It's a different way of thinking. His brain is wired differently. My Father acted the same as well as my older brother.

We live life normally.. but I must say, having a diagnosis has helped me learn more about how he learns so we don't clash as much!
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